What is Languorino

Languorino™ is an online shop
born in 2019 which contains a simple idea:
combine the love for food and the table with that for everyday objects , to give as gifts or treat yourself to make the most common gestures a little more special.
It's a story born one happy evening, waiting for friends for dinner.
This is why it comes to life from the passion for authentic feelings and simply beautiful and good things, like the moments that arise at the table
or so.
Every Languorino object and product comes from the pen and ideas of Sara, who founded it to try to materialize her love for food and words in the form of an emergency kit or so.
It winks at craftsmanship (from which it sources to compose its own creations) and at the spirit of the shops of the past that animated the Po Valley, where you can enter to get milk and find yourself sitting eating bread and salami while chatting about the meaning of life became normal.
This is why Languorino is the fusion between tradition and innovation , a way of ensuring a future for the goodness of the past through colours, flavours, sensations.

It is the story of things that are good to eat and beautiful to see , at the center of a laid table surrounded by people or alone, on the sofa, in front of the TV.
It's an innocent whim, a delicious gift, a comfortable moment ...

It's a love story told in the way of whoever created this great little project, hoping it reaches straight to the hearts of those who come into contact with it, because - as in love - there is not just one way to want and love each other and Languorino it's proof of that.
Here, Languorino™ is a love story for life.
For this reason unique and special.

Sara Maduzzi, mind-hands-heart of Languorino