Emergency Kit Coffee... hot black or so!
Emergency Kit Coffee... hot black or so!
Emergency Kit Coffee... hot black or so!

Emergency Kit Coffee... hot black or so!

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"Emergency Kit Caffè" by Languorino™ is a life-saver, like the gin and tonic but for all hours and even for those who are teetotal.

It is for complicated awakenings that need a warm or scented boost and for a break on gray winter afternoons, where a cup of hot black coffee ( and good Mannoia ), two crunchy biscuits and a string of lights can save your mood and your day.

And then why, do you really need an excuse to drink a good coffee?

There is also the mignon from Caffé Borghetti which smells of that good past (call it vintage if you like ) of the ritual of coffee on the fire or you can give it as a gift to that friend of yours who always goes to watch the matches...

In fact, this special kit contains:

  • fresh and delicate "lively blend" ground coffee M'ama Caffé Vignola
  • coffee biscuits
  • Caffè Borghetti mignon liqueur
  • colored sugar
  • mini moka 1 person
  • cup

and a string of LED lights to create the atmosphere and reward you in an (extra)ordinarily special moment.

There's always a good reason to drink a coffee, right?


each kit contains:
n.1 compostable paper package with anti-humidity valve
of coffee M'ama Torrefazione Caffé di Vignola (Mo) 100gr.
coffee biscuits
mini moka for 1 person
colored sugar packs
n.1 small bottle Caffè Borghetti coffee liqueur 10cl.
n.1 battery-operated LED wire (included) white lights (plug switch)
- goods cannot be sold individually
- PLEASE NOTE: in the event of temporary unavailability of one of the components of the kit, it will be replaced with one of equal value and/or use