Emergency Kit Martini (...like Karen Walker or 007!)
Emergency Kit Martini (...like Karen Walker or 007!)

Emergency Kit Martini (...like Karen Walker or 007!)

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Ok, ok Languorino some days could be home to the Karen Walker fan club (the myth of Will and Grace , yes!) but this emergency kit also has references if you think of James Bond (Vesper Martini, precisely) and in short it's all there a story inside that makes it rightfully a mythological kit.

Above all, this kit is intended to be a help for the evenings when real life is too tight for you and you want to feel like you are in a movie , with your Martini glass, two olives and a golden thread under your eyes. Simple, essential, chic.

So, inside this kit you will find:

  • Mini white martini
  • Gin miniature
  • martini cup in biodegradable plastic
  • olives with stick
  • gold24k eye contour mask
  • earplugs or pill cases

...and a string of LED lights to create atmosphere and reward you on an (extra)ordinarily special day.

Karen Walker would approve (and so would we, always!)

-each kit contains:
-martini bianco mignon 6cl
-gin Tanqueray 5cl
-pitted olives 30g + toothpick
- single-dose gold eye mask
-pill holder
-Martini glass in biodegradable plastic

n.1 battery-operated LED wire white lights
- goods cannot be sold individually

- PLEASE NOTE: in case of temporary unavailability of one
of the kit components the same
will be replaced with one of equal value and/or use