Emergency Kit Music Lover
Emergency Kit Music Lover
Emergency Kit Music Lover
Emergency Kit Music Lover

Emergency Kit Music Lover

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Desideri aggiungere un biglietto al prodotto? Scrivi il testo nel seguente box.

"Emergency Kit Music Lover" by Languorino™ is a life-saver, like gin and tonic but for all hours and even for those who are teetotal.

It is for complicated awakenings that straighten themselves out in the right way with the right music, for aperitifs at the end of the day, for showers sung at the top of your lungs that need the push...

And then why, do you really need an excuse to enjoy good music?

In fact, this special kit contains:

  • bluetooth speaker
  • scrunchie with musical fabric (made by Océan et moi )
  • vinyl coaster
  • prosecco + flute
  • chocolate cigarettes /m&m's
  • savory snack

and a string of LED lights to create the atmosphere and reward you in an (extra)ordinarily special moment.

There's always a good reason to listen to good music, right?


each kit contains:
n.1 mignon prosecco 200ml
n.1 biodegradable plastic flute
n.1 savory snack
n.1 pack of chocolate cigarettes
n.1 vinyl coaster
n.1 bluetooth speaker
n.1 scrunchie made
coffee biscuits
mini moka for 1 person
colored sugar packs
n.1 small bottle Caffè Borghetti coffee liqueur 10cl.
n.1 battery-operated LED wire (included) white lights (plug switch)
- goods cannot be sold individually
- PLEASE NOTE: in the event of temporary unavailability of one of the components of the kit, it will be replaced with one of equal value and/or use