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That Cinderella granculo - Linus mug, vintage tin edition

That Cinderella granculo - Linus mug, vintage tin edition

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"That Cinderella granculo" has the same spirit as the usual Linus Languorino mug of all time (the one you would take everywhere, yes) but in the vintage version, in tin.

We can't say exactly how many times we've seen and re-watched Pretty Woman but certainly never enough to keep us glued to the TV every time Julia Roberts & Richard Gere appear there, making us dream.

Yet life sometimes has even more imagination than the film and taking it ironically is all it takes. This is why we decided to create this vintage metal version: it goes well with thoughts of love, coffee, flowers and even with gin .

"Just tell me one name of someone who did well"
"That big ass Cinderella!"
(Pretty Woman - 1990)
And who knows, maybe it's good for us too.


-in tin (metal) vintage effect
-glossy white, black edge
-can be used in the dishwasher, not in the microwave
-for food or decorative use
-designed and engineered exclusively by Languorino™
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